wedding photographer
Based out of
dallas / Fort worth

I am a natural light photographer and specialize in weddings and couples. My goal during our time together is that you feel loved, cared for, and seriously so beautiful! People always ask me what I love about photographing weddings, and I say the same thing every time. I get to be a part of someones most intimate day and that is such an honor and so special to me. Photos are some of the most priceless gifts and memories out there and you guys trust me to capture something that will live on for generations. It is truly the highest privilege. I can't wait to meet you!

I'm Catherine Nicole, but you can call me Nicole!

- Maison & Melissa

"She really has a way of really seeing the beauty of people’s spirits and capturing that with her pictures. It seems somehow she can see what is so uniquely beautiful about people and capture it. She captures the spirit of the day and the people and the moment and it is so beautiful."

I promise to never stop loving you, and i promise to never give up.

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